When you first list your house on the market, you were perhaps filled with hope and expectations that you will get a lot of viewings and an early offer for it. Perhaps you were anticipating that you can sell your house right away. 

However, what happens if your home is still on the market after a couple of weeks or months? What if you only received several viewings than you’ve initially expected? Is there something wrong with your house?  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the common reasons why people can’t sell their houses right away. This includes hiring the wrong Hawaii realtor, selling at the wrong time, and much more.  

The Price of Your House is Too High 

Did an agent convince you to sell your house at that price? Well, there is a possibility that the price of your house is too high. Of course, this is not good.  

Keep in mind that the interest you get in the first couple of weeks of listing your house is directly connected to the price of your home. This means that if your home is too expensive, you will get fewer potential buyers.  

If you get the price wrong, you’re risking potential buyers from checking your house. You might even lose them for good.  

Because of this, it’s always ideal to price your house correctly, right from the beginning. This will enable you to get the offer and interest that you deserve.  

Your Photos Are Unappealing 

Try to look at the homes on real estate magazines and websites. Which photos capture your attention? Is it the amateurish and dark pictures? Or is it the well-composed and brightly lit photos that make you want to keep looking?  

Unappealing photos will deter potential buyers from even looking at your advertisement. This means that they won’t book a viewing for your home.  

Thus, it’s best to invest in professional and high-quality photography and show your house at its very best.  

Your Home Is Not Ready for Viewings 

Take a hard and long look at your home. Do you think it’s ready for viewing? Or would it benefit from a new coat of paint, de-cluttering, or a bit of cleaning?  

You need to be honest with yourself always. You should provide potential viewers a well-presented house that they can envision themselves living in.  

You Hire the Wrong Realtor 

Does the realtor like your property? Keep in mind that agents are only human. If they do not like you or your house, they will not be motivated to sell it.  

Because of this, you need to make sure you hire a real estate agent that will be happy and willing to sell your home.  

You’re Selling Your House at the Wrong Time of the Year 

Every house has a potential buyer, and every buyer has their own preferred time of the year to move. For instance, a lot of families prefer to move in fall or spring. On the other hand, retirees prefer to move during summer.  

Because of this, you should sell your house at the ideal time of year for your buyer, not for yourself. Doing so will provide you a better chance of gaining potential buyers.